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Fall Hanging Baskets - Cool Wave® Trailing Pansies!

Available beginning on September 26th, while supplies last! Scroll thru to view each of our GORGEOUS hanging baskets for Fall! Each one is spilling over with vigorous Cool Wave® Trailing Pansies designed to provide color ALL SEASON LONG with proper care!  (see recommended care details below) 

  • The 'Fire' Cool Wave® Trailing Pansy Basket
  • The 'Raspberry' Cool Wave® Trailing Pansy Basket
  • The 'Sunshine 'N Wine' Cool Wave® Trailing Pansy Basket
  • The 'Strawberry Swirl' Cool Wave® Trailing Pansy Basket

How to care for your Hanging Baskets:

  • Remember "Food = FLOWERS" - be sure to fertilize your hanging baskets each week; we recommend Proven Winners® Premium Water Soluble Plant Food (available at our Garden Center). Feed your hanging baskets and they'll be FABULOUS!
  • Hanging baskets will also require more watering than the flowers in your landscape - a deep watering (til it is running from the bottom) will be required each day during the warmer months.
  • Your trailing pansy hanging baskets will benefits from routine deadheading to continue with prolific blooms. If you notice your baskets becoming "leggy" you can cut them back by about 1/3 and fertilize to allow them to re-flush. You will sacrifice blooms in the short-term, but you will be glad you did - give them a week or two and they will be GLORIOUS once again!