Collection: AquaPots® Lite - Watering Made Easy™

We are EXCITED to partner with Proven Winners® to bring you AquaPots® Lite! These premium quality SELF-WATERING pots offer a complete system that is integrated right into each container. The AquaPots® Lite collection consists of lightweight premium and hybrid composite containers which are custom designed to fit the new AquaPots® Insert.

We offer 3 styles of containers, with your choice of round or square - Metro, Courtyard and Parkside - each is 17.5" in diameter and just over 18" tall.

Each one offers customers the convenience of self-watering AquaPots® in a lighter weight option!

Our AquaPots® are each sold as a complete system, however you can also choose to purchase only the AquaPots® Insert, which is 13.5" wide and holds nearly 3 gallons of water - allowing you to turn your favorite container into a self-watering planter! Simply set the insert down into a 16-20" upright container that has a drainage hole in the bottom and it instantly becomes self-watering! The insert is round, but can be purchased with an optional square fitting to make the insert fit more snugly in a square container.