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EZ Scape™ - For the Georgia Heat

Your garden will THRIVE thru the GEORGIA HEAT with this combination of colorful perennials. The evergreen foliage of FRUIT PUNCH® Dianthus will keep year long interest along the front of the bed. Flowers that appear across the top of the habit in Spring are icing on the cake. In Summer MEANT TO BEE™ Agastache will burst into bloom with large, floriferous habits. FALL IN LOVE® ‘Sweetly’ Anemone will add bright pink flowers in Fall, appearing for many weeks. PRAIRIE WINDS® Ornamental Grasses add fine texture throughout the entire growing season and provide Winter interest.

Light: Full Sun
Moisture: Light to Moderate
Soil: Best in loose, well-drained soils
Zones: 5-8
Features: Pollinator Favorite, Long Season of Bloom, Late Season Interest