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EZ Scape™ - Deer Resistant Sunscape

This combination of sun-loving perennials is simple, yet stunning, and provides the added benefit of deer-resistance. This recipe also combines fine foliage textures of various colors and varied bloom times. The ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ Nepeta will kick things off in early Spring with its glorious spikes of purple flowers (which will provide 2, or even 3, reblooms when cut back after each flush). The ‘Serendipity’ Allium will continue the show in Summer, with its globes of purple flowers, which can remain as decorative seedheads for added Fall interest. And finally PRAIRIE WINDS® Ornamental Grass will close the year with strong Fall and Winter structure & texture.

Light: Full Sun
Moisture: Light to Moderate
Zones: (4)5-9
Features: Pollinator Friendly, Heat Tolerant, Low Water Requirements (once established)