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EZ Scape™ - Pollinator Combo for the South

The pollinators will be all a-buzz in your garden with this beautiful combination of perennials. The ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ Nepeta will begin its display of gorgeous purple bloom spikes in early Spring and will provide another rebloom (sometimes 2 more!) if sheared back. The PYROMANIA® Red Hot Poker will be the next star of the show with its tall, vibrant blooms. Last to bloom will be the ROCK ‘N GROW® Sedum with its wide clusters of flowers that the pollinators can't resist. Even after the blooms are done, the grassy textures and foliage of this lovely lineup will provide continued interest in your garden! 

Light: Full Sun
Moisture: Light to Moderate
Zones: (5)6-9
Features: Pollinator Friendly, Heat Tolerant, Low Water Requirements (once established)